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Award Winning Teetotaler Wines are a perfect alternative for any social occasion without the after effects.

With 0.0% alcohol, One may drink to their heart’s content!

The removal of alcohol supports a healthier option as it removes most of the caloric content without stripping it of its polyphenol antioxidant benefits.


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The Teetotaler Sparkling Rosé Is A Winner! 

The Teetotaler Sparkling Rosé  has done it again! It has won not 1 but 2 medals at this year’s USA Wine Ratings Competition in San Francisco! Hundreds of bottles from around the world were submitted for this competition.

The Teetotaler Sparkling Rosé won the Silver Medal with a total of 89 points (just 1 shy of a gold!!!) and won Best in Show by Varietal Category!

Tasting notes from the judges “Vibrant notes of fresh strawberries and cherries on the nose with light vanilla undertones. Light, dry, and smooth on the palate with savory notes, juicy red berry flavors, and some creaminess”

The Teetotaler Sparking Rosé  has now won 3 medals in total, a Bronze, Silver and Best In Show by Varietal! To be winning amongst Wines with alcohol is truly an honour!

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