It’s all about providing options! Teetotaler Wines was born out wanting to create another option for those of us who do not drink alcohol! I am a Teetotaler myself and have been for quite some time. I went many years without having anything good to drink and it definitely affected my relationship with food and dining on a whole. I really missed having that glass of wine with dinner, especially with foods, which only wine could be paired with. We are made to believe food, wine and company are what pleasure is all about, however when you remove the wine, it creates this gap that is quite noticeable. I essentially stopped dining out because of it


Teetotaler Wines are meant to be appreciated with one’s favourite dishes.

Made and imported directly from Spain, The Teetotaler Red is made from 100% Tempranillo grapes, with rich notes of cherries and oak, is full-bodied and has the perfect amount of tannins. 

The Teetotaler White is made from 100% Airen grapes, a native to Spain, is a simple yet refreshing white with notes of apples and roses and finishes smooth.


The Teetotaler Sparkling Rose made by the traditional Brut Method and made from 100% Tempranillo grapes, has a gorgeous pink hue and its dry, fine bubbles have a lovely lasting effect on the palate.

Teetotaler Wines are a perfect alternative for any social occasion without the after effects. With 0.0% alcohol, one may drink to their heart’s content! The removal of alcohol supports a healthier option as it removes most of the caloric content without stripping it of its polyphenol antioxidant benefits.